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Journey hires Arnel [05 Dec 2007|07:31pm]

Official Press Release:

December 5, 2007 -- After much speculation…the wait is finally over.

JOURNEY--Neal Schon (guitar), Jonathan Cain (keyboards), Ross Valory (bass), Deen Castronovo (drums)--is proud to introduce fans all over the world to their new lead singer, Arnel Pineda (“pin-eh-da”). He replaces Jeff Scott Soto, who parted ways with the band earlier this year after stepping in for Steve Augeri, who had to leave the band in 2006 for medical reasons.

Arnel hails from Quezon City in the Philippines and has been singing Journey songs--in addition to original material--with his band, The Zoo, for the past couple of years in clubs all over his homeland. Joining the legendary band is a dream come true for him.

“It’s so exciting to sing with one of the best bands in the world. It’ll be a lot of hard work on my part and I’m actually looking forward to the scrutiny I’ll get from the hardcore JOURNEY fans. I know they’ll expect me to sound exactly like ‘the voice’ (Steve Perry), but that will never happen. I know there's only one Steve Perry in this world.”

When it was time for JOURNEY to look for a new lead singer, the internet came to their rescue. Guitarist Neal Schon wanted someone new to the music business, so he turned to YouTube. After finding Arnel singing “Faithfully,” he knew he had found the perfect frontman.
“I was frustrated about not having a singer,” explains guitarist Neal Schon, “so I went on YouTube for a couple of days and just sat on it for hours. I was starting to think I was never going to find anybody. But then I found The Zoo and I watched a bunch of different video clips that they had posted. After watching the videos over and over again, I had to walk away from the computer and let what I heard sink in because it sounded too good to be true. I thought, ‘he can’t be that good.’ But he is that good, he’s the real deal and so tremendously talented. Arnel doesn’t sound synthetic and he’s not emulating anyone. I tried to get a hold of him through YouTube and I finally heard from him that night, but it took some convincing to get him to believe that it really was me and not an imposter.”

Arnel Pineda picks up the story: “My friend Noel picked up the message on YouTube and told me it was from Neal. I thought it was a hoax so I ignored it. Noel said, ‘what if it really was Neal and he wanted to offer you the chance of a lifetime?’ So I e-mailed Neal back and the rest is history.”

“Arnel brings a soulful and passionate voice to JOURNEY,” continues keyboardist Jonathan Cain. “His personality is very well-suited to our music. He’s a sincere, authentic person with a great smile and a big heart. I think fans are really going to love him. With Arnel’s soaring tenor, Journey returns to our heritage sound.”

Schon agrees, “We feel reborn. I think there’s a lot of chemistry between the five of us. At first we were going to go into the studio and just write 4 songs, but now it’s escalated to a lot of great new and diverse material. The stuff sounds tremendous. Everyone’s so stoked about it. We feel very fortunate to have found Arnel.”

JOURNEY is currently working on a new album with legendary producer Kevin Shirley, which they hope to release by spring/summer 2008. Details will be announced early next year.
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Icons [05 Dec 2007|05:45pm]

52 Steve Perry
5 Neal Schon
5 Band/Pairs

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All I can say is... dammit. [06 Jul 2006|12:24am]

[ mood | depressed ]


"Jeff Scott Soto to assume JOURNEY lead singer duties starting on July 7th in Bristow, VA due to Steve Augeri throat infection.
Due to a chronic throat infection, Journey's lead singer, Steve Augeri, has been forced to leave the band's current nationwide tour with Def Leppard. Jeff Scott Soto, who has previously performed with Journey guitarist Neal Schon, will assume the band's lead singer duties starting with the July 7th show in Bristow, VA. Steve Augeri's condition will be closely monitored by his physician to determine when he may be able to rejoin the tour.
According to Journey, "Steve's been suffering with an acute throat condition since before we kicked off the tour with Def Leppard. We were hoping he'd be in well condition to handle the rigors of the road but unfortunately it appears to be a chronic condition requiring total voice rest. We all wish Steve a speedy recovery."


Soon to be posted on journeymusic.com

I LOVED Steve Augeri and this makes me cry. I was planning on like... 4 shows this tour and now I don't want to see any of them because he is gone.

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Colorbars! [05 Jun 2006|05:03pm]

4 Journey and 1 Steve. I made colorbars a long time ago, but they sucked, so I made better ones.

Over here.

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BEST EVER [15 Feb 2006|03:53pm]


Someone in Maine, I think, found that. It's wonderful.

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Journey/Perry album covers [22 Jan 2006|06:50pm]

All of these were made from covers you can find at http://journeyloaded.com

Please don't hotlink. Comments are lovely. :]

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

x-post: _running_alone_, steveperry, journey_on, classicrockicon, rock_is_classic

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Vote for Journey [25 Sep 2005|04:26pm]

As the #1 American rock band - 12 votes to make it happen!

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can't go. [04 Sep 2005|07:08pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I'm so upset. Journey is coming to Marysville, which is about an hour from my house, but I can't go because I have no one to go with. My mom is the person who introduced me to Journey, but she doesn't want to go. And my only friend who likes Journey is going to a Green Day concert on the same night. I wouldn't mind going alone, but I doubt my mom would let me.


[ crossposted to journey_on ]

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Perry icon love. [28 Jul 2005|09:12am]

[ mood | artistic ]

I'm doing one of those "make 100 icons of one person" challenges. It's cool if you use them and even cooler if you give me credit.

x-posted in hecka places.

1 Image hosted by Photobucket.com 2 Image hosted by Photobucket.com 3 Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A bajillion behind the cut...Collapse )

Comment, credit, enjoy.

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Pardon the spammage. [14 Jul 2005|11:44pm]

Because this community is boring and gray...

join journey_on!
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GIVEAWAY Infinity (Journey Tribute Band) July 2 [27 Jun 2005|04:49pm]

Saturday, July 2; 9 PM; 21+
Infinity (A Tribute to Journey) @ Spaceland

Trivia Question: What’s the best Journey song to make out to? The 5th and 7th answer will be put on the guest list for the show.

“Comprised of members from a number of Amoeba Records employees and Los Angeles indie and avant-garde bands (such as The Muffs), Infinity convenes once a year to rock the pants off everyone in the audience. No matter how you arrive, you will leave the club as a Journey fan. Honestly. “ --Upcoming.org

Email your response along with your first and last name to contest@spaceland.tv. Enter “Infinity Giveaway” in the subject line. The deadline to enter is Friday, July 1st at noon.
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And when the lights go down... [04 Jun 2005|07:08pm]

oh my god. there's communities for this??

Holy Shrine of Journey
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Spread the love. [05 Mar 2005|04:43am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Time to have some band pride. Yes, I made all of these, therefore the colorbar links are going to my LJ. Hotlinking is okay if you use any of them... I'll take it as a compliment. Enjoy.

These are usually used for fanlistings, but there are no Journey fanlistings I'm aware of. So you can put them in your info or use them on a forum or whatever floats your boat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

More album covers and group picturesCollapse )

Steve Perry and individual band members:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

MoreCollapse )

Aaaaaand colorbars. These come with code...

First, the stationary onesCollapse )

And the flashy animations:

And moreCollapse )

If there's a band member I missed or any requests, go ahead and let me know... I'd appreciate a comment here if anything is used, just for my own reference. :]
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[22 Jan 2005|04:34pm]


Hello I'll tell you a bit about my self I'm not the average classic rock lover.

Name :Relina

Location: Snellville,GA

How long have I been a fan of Journey's:4 years

Favorite album by them: Trial by fire

Favorite song by them:The lights

Picture of myself:


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Journey on the Walk Of Fame... [22 Jan 2005|01:13pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

If you missed the news, Journey got a star in Hollywood yesterday. Steve Perry showed up, which was INCREDIBLY unexpected. The band didn't even know he was going to come.

I got the band to sign some stuff, and gave Steve Perry a drawing I did of him. He held my hand and I died.

They then played at the House of Blues, and while Perry was absent, Robert Fleischman, Aynsley Dunbar, and Steve Smith played a couple of songs.



The few pictures I took that weren't blurry from my shaking...Collapse )


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question [19 Jan 2005|10:33pm]
ok so i've always adored journey's music for as long as i can remember, but never really did research on the band. and yes perhaps its old news, but i just found out that steve perry is no longer in the band. anyway i plan on seeing them soon, and i gather perry won't be in it, so i'm not so sure anymore if i want to go. perry's voice just moves me so. i mean no matter what, it just won't be the same. has anyone actually heard the new steve A. sing? and if so, is he any good?
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Steve Perry Web Tribute Page [24 Oct 2004|01:11pm]

Here's a webpage dedicated to Steve Perry. No, I am not making fun of him this time. I didn't create this website either. It was posted by another fan. This is an actual tribute to the one-time vocalist of Journey.

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Which Journey Album Are You? [23 Oct 2004|09:41pm]

Evolution is your album. You, much like the title,
can adapt easily. You're ready for anything.
You've got a lovesick side, a dreamer side, and
a restless side. But you balance it all out in
a perfect harmony.

Which Journey Album Fits You Best?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Feeling That Way... [23 Oct 2004|08:56pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

(X-POSTED IN MY OWN JOURNAL, redwitchesbrew)

A light-hearted kitchy look back at Journey and Steve Perry...

When in doubt, make fun of Bic lighter rock.

What do I mean by that? Does anyone remember back in the early 80s, when all of those classic AOR soft-rock bands were popular? Bands like Styx, REO Speedwagon, and of course, Journey.

Feeling That Way towards Journey, especially Steve PerryCollapse )

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Evolution [23 Oct 2004|08:51pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I just joined this community, and wanted to say "hi"

Here's a quiz result BTW

Steve wants you to come here and pull that red
shirt off. Just pull that one end and it'll
just fall open. Leather. Ay, caramba.
Evolution is letting it all out for you.

Which Steve Perry Era Would You Like To Do?
brought to you by Quizilla

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